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14 Oct


MaxCon Software’s New Features Release for our Construction Management Software

October 14, 2014 | By |

Construction Mangement SoftwareMaxCon Software is always working hard to bring new features to our members using our MaxCon construction management software. We strive to be the leader in the industry that needs to have the Tools For Success for contractors industry wide.
Construction Management software
As a continued effort to be an innovator and leader of the construction software industry we have recently released new features, feature improvements and bug fixes. Below is the latest upgrades to our MaxCon Construction Management Software

07 Sep


MaxCon continues the growth and customer experience with MaxCon Pro

September 7, 2013 | By |

Release 9-7-2013
MaxCon Software is always working hard to bring new features to our members using our MaxCon Pro Roofing Software. We strive to be the leader in an industry that needs to have a service that is reliable, dependable, fast and user friendly.

As a continued effort to be an innovator and leader in the industry we have recently released new features, feature improvements and bug fixes. Below is the latest upgrades to our MaxCon Pro construction CRM.

  • (NEW) We have refined the creating job orders process. To improve the user experience we have now allowed for when the “add new order” button is clicked with out first selecting the trade the order is being created for the system will now prompt the user to select the trade type improving the user friendliness of the software. Read More

08 Jul


Commercial Roofing Leads for Roofers and Roofing Management software all in one.

July 8, 2013 | By |

For Immediate Release
July 8th, 2013

“Commercial Roofing Leads for Roofers and Roofing Management Software all in one”

MaxCon Software a Strategic Partnership with Quancor Virtual Sales & Marketing, Inc. to provide qualified roofing appointments to MaxCon users through their State-Of-The-Art Roofing Management Software.

Orlando, Fl. July 8th, 2013- MaxCon Software, a supplier of web-based Roofing/Construction Management Software and Quancor Virtual Sales & Marketing, Inc. ( a leading provider of lead generation telemarketing services have joined forces to form a strategic partnership to provide commercial and roofing leads for MaxCon clients using the latest communications technologies available today, including cutting-edge outbound and inbound contact center telephone systems and full integration into MaxCon CRM systems.

“Combining QVSM’s top quality commercial leads with MaxCon’s dynamic CRM, any roofer will be able to establish communication with prospects that need their services long before their competitors,”  said  …………, CEO of QVSM, Inc.

“Leads are a very important part of going business each year in the roofing industry. Having the ability to offer our MaxCon Members the ability to receive commercial roofing leads right into their MaxCon account is a vital tool for improved lead and customer management,” said Joseph Radcliff, CEO of MaxCon Software


About MaxCon

MaxCon Software is truly one-of-a-kind and will help you take control of your business like never before by providing the easiest cutting-edge-web based Roofing/Construction Management Software on the market. The MaxCon Software will assist its customers with managing clients, create diagrams, managing production, enhance company communications regarding job files and provides reports on your sales, marketing and accounts receivables. Whether you are on your smart phone, laptop, or PC you have access to all of your company’s job files anywhere at any time. Never be without the important document or information you need again. See our website at for more details.

About QVSM:

QVSM was established in 1996 and our mission is to provide superior service to our clients at a fair price. We treat each client as our partner; their success is our success

20 Apr


Are you looking for a Roofing software that works?

April 20, 2013 | By |

roofing software

MaxCon Pro is cutting edge web based software created with the Roofing  industry in focus. By combining many years of construction knowledge, diverse programming techniques, usability strategists, graphic artists and marketing experts, MaxCon is both simple and tremendously powerful tool. MaxCon is an innovative, state-of-the-art software that is a 100% Web-Based  construction management tool designed to help roofers and contractors manage their entire business like never before.

The system features offered in MaxCon Pro allows contractors to add customers, create balance sheets, track purchase orders and crews and, once a job is finished, send reports to the sales, marketing and accounting departments.

By using MaxCon Pro you can easily organize, track and assign leads; diagram roofs; track the production of jobs; and report anything and everything that is important to  business operation.

MaxCon allows roofers to obtain “True Accounts Receivable” through our integration with Quick Books and our invoicing features, not when you create the customer in your books. The program also gives you the ability to print and email purchase orders and crew work orders all by a click of a mouse.

MaxCon Pro  is integrated with several applications. When a user adds a customer, for example, the address will be displayed in Bing Maps, along with other customers nearby. The address can also be seen Bing Street View, which lets a sales rep see, for example, what length of ladder will be necessary to fix the roof. In addition, when a sales rep submits a invoice sheet called a job info, an email notification is sent to his or her manager’s company Email account and is passed to Quick Books automatically.

MaxCon is also integrated with Quick Books. When a user adds a job number to the customer file the customer information will link with Quick Books and create the customer file, it will also create the invoices and they are created within the MaxCon Job Info file.

MaxCon Pro also includes the scheduling modules, as well as functionality for customer relationship management (CRM),  the ability to place and track orders as well as collect on, record, report on and analyze work that has been completed. Finally the ability to switch one’s view among a company’s divisions, levels, or branches, to track checks (for the purposes of insurance claims) and to customize commission calculations, according to the sales reps commissions structures.