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04 Aug


Technology. Do Roofing Contractors Really Need It?

August 4, 2014 | By |

Every day I talk to roofing contractors who have made a decent living doing roofing the “old fashioned way”. White boards, files and piles of paper have always worked in the past, so why change? When making looking at construction software and making decision about whether or not to switch from the old way of doing things, to construction technology here are 5 things to consider.


In many areas, construction, especially industries like Roofing, Restoration, HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical have become very competitive. With more contractors setting up shop every day, it’s becoming harder to stand out from the competition. At the same time, technology savvy customers are looking for ways to differentiate between companies. Imagine you are a consumer looking to get your roof replaced and you decide to speak with 2 contractors. The first is using the old-fashioned paper method. After inspecting your home the contractor creates a bid on paper. There isn’t very much detail and it’s hard to read the contractor’s handwriting, but the customer understands more or less the work to be done and the price.

Construction estimating software technologyThe second contractor performs a similar inspection but is using a cutting edge in-field estimating system such as MaxCon Plus to create a highly professional construction estimate, complete with full descriptions, photographs and detailed pricing. In most cases customers are won over by contractors who have invested in technology and are making the best presentations in the field they possibly can.

Increased Production

increase roofing sales with a roofing softwareFor most contractors, yearly revenue is not determined by how many jobs the contractor can sell but how many they can build. With smart construction technology from MaxCon Software it’s easy to increase production, while reducing overhead, staff, and other costs. By working more effectively, efficiently and keeping all your team members on the same page without endless phone calls back-and-forth, it’s easy to build more jobs, with fewer headaches in the same amount of time.

Higher Profits

Roofing SoftwareThese days roofing and specialty trade contractors have to watch costs more than ever to earn a good profit at the end of the season. That’s why having technology that integrates directly with Quick Books helps you track every penny. If you are going to do the work, it makes sense to understand how much profit you will be making. By using technology many contractors discover how much money small inefficiencies have been costing them over the years. Not only does technology from MaxCon make it easier to run your business, but it helps ensure that at the end of every jobs there will be plenty of cash left over for you, as well.

Customer Service

Customer service begins the minute you generate a lead and continues long after the job has been done. When contractors buy the MaxCon system one of the things we hear most often is how much their customers appreciate the additional attention to detail that the CRM function built into every level of MaxCon makes possible. With construction technology specifically built for specialty trade contractors, such as roofers, never loose another lead, miss a sale, or forget a customer request. By keeping our most important data at your fingertips not only do you do a better job for your customer but for you too.

Staying Current with Technology

Roofing Software used by contractorsIn modern times, not using technology to manage your roofing or construction business is like pulling up to a customer’s house in a horse drawn carriage instead of a truck. 100 years ago, a horse drawn carriage might have been perfectly acceptable. In fact, it may have even been the “gold standard”. But, with more and more contractors adopting the advantages of technology, there is a real cost for not staying current with time. From fewer leads, and lower sales, to higher costs of doing business and diminishing profits, there’s no reason to put the future of your business in the hands of an old system that no longer works.

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