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27 Mar


Newest features added to MaxCon Pro

March 27, 2013 | By |

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MaxCon Software excited to continue to bring to its members an ever changing and evolving construction management software. Over the past few months MaxCon has seen a significant growth in members.

” A lot of our technology growth comes from our members. we believe in listing to our clients has been the key to our success and our open mind to ideas, wish lists and needs that contribute to our software continuing to lead the industry in the new revolutionary way of doing business.” Joe Radcliff, CEO MaxCon Software

Here is a list of the new changes and additions that have recently become part of MaxCon Pro


1.       ***Bug Fix*** Siding order not linked with Job Info page. Fixed issue where, in some cases with Quick Books Synced companies, when opening a Siding work order the system directed the user to include a siding line item on the job info sheet when this step was already completed correctly.

2.       *** Bug Fix*** Automatic Sales Rep Assignment function repair. When a salesperson enters a contingency or lead the file is automatically assigned to that rep entering the information. In some instances we observed the auto assignment failing to assign the file. This has been resolved.

3.       System category based restrictions: Job Info has been locked when the job category is moved to Warranty, Closed, Capped, and Capping and a notice is displayed on the top of the screen stating that the job cannot be edited in the current category. Work orders and commission are locked when the categories is set to closed, dead, or cancelled. Warranty category will allow user to edit work orders but not job info or commissions.

4.       Overdue File Alerts rules change: The Over Due File Alerts for Customer Not Contacted and Appointment Not Scheduled are no longer tracked or reported for jobs when the file Category is progressed passed Lead since all of Over Due File Alerts are designed to happen when the job is a lead. If the necessary conditions are not entered into MaxCon Pro before the file is advanced past the Lead category then the system does not require their entry. *NOTE* This does not apply to the NEW LEAD Alert; this alert will display for all active categories and will remain active until the file is accepted by the assigned Sales Rep.

5.       Relax the data entry requirements for the Insurance Company section of the customer summary page.  Requirements per Category are as follows:

a.       Lead- no fields are required to be entered.

b.      Contingency & Bought – Insurance company name is required, no other fields are required.

c.       To Job & Finial Invoiced – Insurance Company Name, Claim Number, and Cause are required. If the claim number is unknown then this can be entered as “Unknown”.

d.      Dead, Closed, Cancellation, Payment Plan, Legal, Capping, Capped, & Warranty – No entry requirements are enforced for any field.

6.       The Work Order Progress rules change: We have reprogrammed the Work Order Progress functionality to allow users to assign a crew to a work order any time after the order is approved. This will allow companies to assign and schedule a crew before the materials are order and delivered. The crew can be reassigned if needed.

7.       Work Order Progress Redirect: The orders page redirect has been removed to allow users to stay in the work order progress page after the order status has been updated. This will allow the user to make multiple changes to the Order Progress before leaving the Order Progress page.

8.       Work Order Submit requirements relaxed. When a user is working on an order they will see a save and submit button. If the save button is pressed the work order is saved but NO alert is sent to management. If the submit button is pressed the order will be Saved AND an alert will go to the proper manager for review. A user with access to the Order Progress page no longer has to submit the order before it can be approved. An order that is Saved but not Submitted can now be approved within the Order Progress page.

9.       Additional Contact info has been added to work order PDF. We have added the customer’s cell phone number, when available, to the customer contact area. We have also added the sales rep name and all available contact numbers to the work order PDF. For this information to appear on Pre Existing PDF’s the work order will need to be saved from the orders tab and the new PDF report will be generated in the Managed Docs Work Order tab.

10.   Bought Button addition. Sales Person user roll will now see a button labeled “Bought” on the job summary page. When the job status is set to Lead or Contingency this button will view active and will allow the user to change the job category to Bought to indicate that the work is approved by the insurance company or customer and the contracts and paperwork will be forthcoming.

11.   Miscellaneous storage routines and user interface updates were made to increase the system response and search times. Increased overall system speed.