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20 Feb


MaxCon Software and CIBS Solutions Establish Strategic Partnership

February 20, 2013 | By |

Integration of Roofing & Contractor Software Technologies, Combined with Estimating and Negotiations of Insurance Claims, Offers New Level of Performance for Insurance Restoration Contractors

Orlando, FL, (February 20th 2013- Fortuna Logistics, developer of several line of construction based software’s “MaxCon Pro” a premier Construction Management Software (,, and The MaxCon Members Group announced today a new strategic partnership with and CIBS Solutions a service provider of estimating and insurance claims negotiations services for insurance restoration contractors, (, The partnership establishes compatibility between their respective technologies and services  along with vast improvement in the Insurance restoration claims processes for their mutual roofing & contractor clients.  Technology and services compatibility will enable web-based, ‘point-and-click’ ordering of CIBS Solutions estimating and claims negotiations services  from the “MaxCon Pro” and the MaxCon Members Group tool-sets and utilize reported data across the software’s feature set.

“This is another example ground breaking and industry first collaborations of our  technology and services with top level service providers that is unmatched in the industry. Teaming with CIBS Solutions offers our mutual clients better solutions for claims processing and customer management, where speed and accuracy with an ‘on target’ quote or supplement is a real competitive advantage in the roofing industry,” said Joe Radcliff, CEO of Fortuna Logistics. “In the race to earn a new project, the combination of accurate estimates and MaxCon Pro is an innovative harnessing of internet-based tools contractors can use to  optimize responsiveness and have superior information for business planning, project execution and documentation.”


“Compatibility with “MaxCon Pro” and being a partner member of the MaxCon Members Group further empowers contractors to produce accurate estimates at a lower overhead cost– not only are we a user of the MaxCon Pro Software we are overjoyed to partner with Fortuna Logistics to expand the boundaries of estimating and insurance claims negotiations efficiency,” said Jason Sloan, President/CEO of CIBS Solutions

Fortuna Logistics is an Orlando, FL-based software developer of the “MaxCon Software” line of web-based construction management software.  The MaxCon ‘Pro’ and ‘Sketch’ suite of business management tools enables roofing contractors to go to an organized, paperless business, maximize resources, and energize staff with real-time access to all business data from internet-connected desktop and mobile devices.  For more information about Fortuna Logistics and MaxCon Construction Management Software, visit the company’s website at: or call  toll-free 855-922-8546.

CIBS Solutions., an innovator in estimating and claims negotiations processes resulting from storms or catastrophes for the roofing and insurance restoration industries saves contractors time and money. CIBS has trained professionals with over 8 years of experience dealing with insurance claims. The principles have over 20 years experience dealing with construction and roofing insurance claims. By using the CIBS Solutions insurance claim management services contractors gain invaluable insight in identifying and obtaining lost opportunities in revenue as well as getting assistance in getting final insurance payments approved and release of depreciation proceeds. To learn more about CIBS Solutions and its services, visit or call 877-509-6020