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07 Sep


MaxCon continues the growth and customer experience with MaxCon Pro

September 7, 2013 | By |

Release 9-7-2013
MaxCon Software is always working hard to bring new features to our members using our MaxCon Pro Roofing Software. We strive to be the leader in an industry that needs to have a service that is reliable, dependable, fast and user friendly.

As a continued effort to be an innovator and leader in the industry we have recently released new features, feature improvements and bug fixes. Below is the latest upgrades to our MaxCon Pro construction CRM.

  • (NEW) We have refined the creating job orders process. To improve the user experience we have now allowed for when the “add new order” button is clicked with out first selecting the trade the order is being created for the system will now prompt the user to select the trade type improving the user friendliness of the software.
  • (NEW) The ground work has been laid for our support ticket system. From the Help Tab selecting Ticketing system in HO (Home Office) or SO (Sales Office) a user can report an issue or question by opening a support ticket. This will allow MaxCon to have a record of the issues reported and the questions asked by our members.
  • (BUG FIX) The download all docs button on the manage docs tab of the customer file is now downloading all documents in the manage docs area and from all pages. It does not include the photos which will need to be downloaded separately.
  • (BUG FIX) The customer file review notes character restriction has been reset to 3000 characters allowed for adding new notes.
  • (NEW) The sort and search functionality has been restored on the search results pages. This allows the user to sort the search by column header and review the pages associated. If the user resorts the list from any page in the list the list will be resorted and start over on page one.
  • (NEW) Inactive users can now remain assigned to current jobs allowing the category to be changed or summary page changes to be made without having to reassign the job to an active sales rep or manager.
  • (NEW) The user role of General Manager can now be assigned as a sales rep to job files. This functionality existed for other manager roles in MaxCon that has now been expanded to include the GM user role.
  • (BUG FIX) The SO (sales Office) Home Page goals are now displaying correctly in the thermometer area for Sales Reps view when no individual goal is set for the user. The goal will now display the individuals sales progress for the current year yet still allow the user to view the office sales goal progress.
  • (NEW) The “Bought” and “Contingency” buttons for the sales person (user specific) on the summary page of the customer file now auto save the job status thus removing the need for the user to scroll to the bottom of the page to save the page after the new category button is pressed.
  • (BUG FIX) Issues on the “Create a New Lead” and “Create a New Contingency” pages that caused the page to refresh to the top of the screen have been resolved. The page remains steady while data is entered now.
  • (NEW) the slide out navigation tool located on the left hand side of the pages now has a search box. The search box function will be expanded to include a smart filter soon  but for now its type and search.
  • (NEW) On the customers all page we have restricted the search results to exclude all files in the closed, canceled and dead categories. If the user wishes to include these excluded files in the results, the user would simply click on the include box at the top left of the search box. This change allows for faster search results for open and active client files.
  • (NEW) We have removed the links on the HO (Head Office) Alerts and Reminders sections when results are 0. The page will no longer redirect to a no results page.
  • (NEW) We have added a quick search box on the “Customer all” pages that will search the first name, last name and category fields in a single search box. This is a starting point for this box and the search result will be expanded to include a smart filter and will be added to all pages for direct link to jobs allowing the user to bypass the search results page.
  • (IMPROVEMENT) We have made many improvements to the customer file manage docs page Photos area. The photos displayed in the gallery are a low quality thumbnail version that will allow for much faster loading of the page. the thumbnail quality version of the photo is displayed as a larger version upon mouse over allowing the user a better view of the photo. The photo is no longer being stretched or skewed on this larger display. If the view button is clicked under the photo, the photo is displayed in full quality in a new tab for better viewing of the photo.
  • (NEW) The customer file manage docs tab is no longer displaying tabs that do not contain data. When docs are added to the manage docs section all sections are available to add docs but the user will no longer have to open each tab in search of docs. If the tab does not contain documents then the tab is not displayed.
  • (NEW) The calendar has been updated to include the customers address and phone numbers in the appointment notes area. We have made many miscellaneous bug fixes to the calendar functionality
  • (BUG FIXES) Several other bug fixes and speed enhancements have been included in this upload to improve the end user software experience.

Come see why MaxCon Software is leading the industry in servicing contractors with our innovative construction CRM.