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17 Jul


5 Tips for Getting Your Team to Adopt Construction Software Technology

July 17, 2014 | By |

For many people, adopting new construction software is a scary thing, especially in construction where some people may be used to doing things the old fashioned way. Switching over to a construction software technology platform that completely organizes your documents, photos, jobs and tasks, may seem daunting at first.

Because MaxCon was designed by a contractor for contractors and is tested at every step by real contractors out in the field, it’s easy to use, simple to train and generally gets rave reviews from salespeople, project managers and office staff. To ensure you’ll get the most bang for your investment in MaxCon, here are a few simple tips for getting your staff to buy in.

Easy-to-Use Construction Software Technology

This one might sound like a no brainier but it’s amazing how often contractors invest in hard-to-use, complicated construction software technology just to find out that their team can’t use it, or it takes a huge amount of training to get the staff on board. This is exactly the reason MaxCon was designed to be easy to use and simple to train, so it’s easy to get your team on board and start seeing immediate benefits.

Communicate Importance

When implementing new construction software technology it’s important you communicate with your team the importance of using the system. Make your team a part of the process and explain the benefits of the software you are investing in. From simplifying tasks to easy tracking and increased production, investing in technology is a smart way to go. Talk to your team and they’ll be on-board.

Lead by Example

Once you commit to construction software technology it’s important for your team to see management using it. Just like a great general leads his troops into battle, by showing your team that management is committed to software, your team will follow suit and soon enough, everyone will be on-board.

Training and Support

It’s important that your staff knows where they can go to get help if they need it. By spending time in the beginning learning the system together, you will ensure that everyone will be able to use the construction software technology to it’s fullest potential.

Reward Them

It’s a proven fact that most people care more about rewards, recognition and appreciation then they do about money. So, when it comes to implementing new construction software, a little bit of praise can go a long way. Make adopting the MaxCon construction software fun, with contests, prizes and hearty praise. Just saying “good job” can go a long way to making sure your team is excited about taking your company to the next level.