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15 Jul


Feeling like a Prisoner at Work? Break Free using a Roofing CRM

July 15, 2014 | By |

Summer is here and there’s nothing better than hanging out with family, and friends.  After all, isn’t this the good stuff that we work for?   But for many contractors the reality is vastly different.  Instead of having fun in the sun, they find themselves chained to the office with no chance of escape.  To us, business success has always meant having both and the time to enjoy it, which is one of the driving forces behind the MaxCon Roofing CRM.Roofing CRM<

It’s not always easy to take time off during construction season, but with modern technology, and MaxCon Roofing CRM, you can be relaxing poolside and working at the same time. Many of our contractors run successful businesses from the beach, the lake, or the mountains hanging out with their families and friends.  With all their data right at their fingertips, it’s just like being at the office (except WAY better!)

Just pull out your smart phone, tablet or laptop and instantly connect with your business. It’s easy to see what’s happening at work, what your team is doing and head off potential problems before they start.  Gone are the days of being chained to the office dealing with whiteboards, messy desks, and endless files filled with paper while your kids, friends and family are out having fun without you.

Roofing software CRM

So, kick back relax and enjoy this year.  With MaxCon you can make great money while enjoying all the important things in life that are worth working hard for.

How Easy to Use is Roofing CRM?

This is the question we hear all the time.  How easy is your software to use?  How long will it take to learn?  Will my salespeople and team be able to get the hang of it?  What the heck do we do in the meantime?

The truth is, Roofing CRM and Project Management software from MaxCon is easier to use than most contractors imagine.  Because the our software was built specifically for contractors and tested by real contractors in the field at every step of the development process, the end result is a system so intuitive and easy to use that many salespeople and other team members catch on like a fish in water.

Designed for Contractors by Contractors

By keeping contractors involved at every step in our development process, we make sure our software is ultra intuitive, easy to use, simple to train and that our clients salespeople, project managers and team members won’t be hung up, confused, and wasting precious time, trying to figure out how the software works.  Customer feedback drives our new features and updates, so if there’s anything that needs fixing, we make sure to nip it in the bud right away.

But, if you’re still not convinced, MaxCon roofing crm and construction management software offers free unlimited training and support to put your mind at ease so you can feel great about getting rid of the papers, files, and stacks on your desk.   So, muster your courage, jump in and get ready to be impressed.  MaxCon is so easy to use, that there’s nothing at all to loose, and everything to gain.

Check us out today and take part in our online demo of this amazing roofing CRM