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15 May


The Power of Consistency using a Roofing Software

May 15, 2014 | By |

Roofing SoftwareWhen it comes to running a successful roofing business, one of the most powerful tools you have is the kind of experience you provide for your customers and tracking those customers in a roofing software.  And when it comes to customer experience, consistency is key.  In fact, providing a consistent experience is so critical to creating long-lasting relationships with customers and generating high profit referrals being consistent is more important than being the best.

Here’s what I mean.  Think about the businesses you frequent every day.  When you go into Home Depot, you know what to expect, no matter which store you go to.  You know there will be a section for lumber, a section for plumbing, and a special contractor’s desk where you can place large orders and get special contractor discounts.   For lunch, you could order a Big Mac meal from any McDonald’s in the state and the meal you get, the time it took to get it, and your overall customer experience would be virtually identical.  This is what it looks like to provide a consistent customer experience.

Look at virtually any highly successful service business and you will see a pattern of consistency.  The businesses that continue to add new names to their list of satisfied references understand that today’s customers are doing their research before choosing the contractor that will get their business.  They want to know what they are going to get for their hard-earned money.  They want to feel confident that any company they hire is going to deliver on what they promise.

You can inspire that kind of confidence by providing every prospect, customer, and reference with a consistent experience.  Here are some surefire tips for upping your game and putting the right pieces in place to ensure you are providing the kind of consistent customer experience that will keep your job schedule full and the referrals coming in.

Create a Consistent Sales Process using a Roofing Software

Every point of contact you have with a prospective customer needs to create a consistent impression of how you do business.  Your advertising and marketing materials need to be professional and branded.  Your online presence must be professional and make it easy for prospective customers to learn more about you and contact you.  Your phones have to be answered in a timely and professional manner.  Every point in your sales process sends the same message to prospective customers – you company is professional, does great work and easy to do business with.

Create a Consistent Customer Service Process

Continuing this consistent experience when someone decides to buy from you and moves from prospect to customer is just as important.  This is one place where many companies fall down – they stop trying so hard once they make the sale.  You can set yourself apart by implementing standard processes around customer service utilizing the customer tracking tool in the MaxCon roofing software.

Build a Consistent Job Process using a roofing software

Your job isn’t done when the project is over.  Referrals and references are more important than ever because your customers are sharing their experiences in the same places that your prospects are looking for information.  Everything from your work quality, to the friendliness of your staff, and how you leave your job sites, to the process you use to follow-up with customers leaves an impression that can hurt or help your business.

By following these three simple rules and implementing a roofing software it’s easy to turn every-day customers into raving fans who will buy from you time-and-time again, refer you to their friends and rave about you to anyone who will listen.