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September 2014 -

05 Sep


3 Ways Contractors Use Software to Boost Profits

September 5, 2014 | By |

One of the greatest things about being a contractor in 2014 is technology. Now instead of being slowed down by the inefficiencies of a paper system, contractors are using technology, like MaxCon Software to increase their profits. Here are a few specific features found in construction software that contractors are using to increase sales, production, and boost profits to an all time high.
Roofing Leads

Lead Tracking

Many contractors generate leads from advertising, marketing, or referrals that for one reason or another, wind up slipping through the cracks. With so many things going on in a construction office, it’s easy to forget about a potential customer. But, with every lead that is lost or forgotten, so is the opportunity to build a relationship and make a sale. With lead tracking technology a contractor is able to enter a lead directly into the their software as soon as the lead is generated. This makes it easy to continue tracking the lead, until a sale is made, or the customer decides not to buy. Either way, with lead tracking technology from MaxCon you’ll never let another lucrative sales lead slip through the cracks ever again. Read More