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May 2013 -

16 May


MaxCon Software is proud to announce the forming of a Strategic Partnership with Sales Up to expand the services offered to contractors who are part of the MaxCon Members Group

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For Immediate Release
May 16th, 2013

MaxCon Software is proud to announce the forming of a Strategic Partnership with Sales Up to expand the services offered to contractors who are part of the MaxCon Members Group.

Orlando, Fl. May 16th, 2013- MaxCon Software, the supplier of “MaxCon Pro” the leading web-based Construction Management Software, proudly announces our Strategic Partnership with Sales Up to expand the services offered to contractors through the MaxCon Members Group. The MaxCon Members Group is the contractor’s tool box of proven software and business solutions for cost and time saving ways to manage their construction projects, increase sales, organize and streamline the daily operations and grow their business.

“This exciting partnership now adds to our business services world-class consulting available to MaxCon Group Members of all sizes, and allows them to streamline and automate their business, while aggressively adding new customers, sales and profits. Sales Up has expressed there confidence in MaxCon Software and the MaxCon Members Group as one of the best business solutions for the industry. MaxCon is looking forward to being a part of the change that is taking place to improve the industry,” said Joe Radcliff, CEO of MaxCon Software.

“Sales Up is excited to be the exclusive consulting partner to the MaxCon Members Group.  This alliance, between Sales Up and MaxCon, gives contractors access to industry leading technology, marketing, door-to-door canvassing, business consulting, and lead generation services, to profitably grow their business, and the software to effectively manage fast growth,” said David Fox, President of Sales Up.

About MaxCon Software

MaxCon Pro is truly one-of-a-kind and will help you take control of your business like never before by providing the best cutting-edge-web based Roofing/Construction Management Software on the market. MaxCon Pro will assist its customers with managing clients, create diagrams, managing production, enhance company communications regarding job files and provides reports on your sales, marketing and accounts receivables. Whether you are on your smart phone, laptop, or PC you have access to all of your company’s job files anywhere at any time. Never be without the important document or information you need again. See our website at for more details.

About Sales Up:

Sales Up, a consulting firm, headquartered in Denver, Colorado offers proven solutions to roofing and home improvement contractors in areas where contractors have the greatest challenges and opportunity to turn business problems into increased sales and profits.

See their website at

10 May


Construction Companies Tackle Problems with Construction Software

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Management Problems in Construction Companies

If it isn’t bad enough that the economy has taken such a hit on the construction industry, how do you deal with internal operational problems? Running a construction company requires so much more than just knowing how to construct a home or business facility. Management inefficiencies will lead to lost profits, stressed and overworked employees, and unhappy customers. Though the list of problems could go on and on , I cover here are some of the most common problems.

Multiple client files that lead to disorganization.

This is done when numerous departments create separate files for the same customer, although their intentions are good this causes serious confusion since none of the files have the same information. Not only does it create internal disorganization but it spills out showing to both customers and suppliers.

Management CRMCrew utilization can be the largest single problem

Crew utilization can be the largest single problem to make your profits disappear. Production scheduling problems is that of keeping crews working and minimizing downtime. Any inadequate system you have, rather it is physical paperwork or not; the crews can get lost in the process and not be utilized properly. Crews show up at the wrong job site on the wrong day, materials not ordered on time or at all and the crews are sent home.

Communications problems from reliance on paper based systems

Communications problems emerge when management continues to rely on paper based systems  departments to track inventory, sales & marketing, account & payroll, operations,and production. Prevent confusion by maintaining consistent and reliable communications.

One solution: construction management software.

Only a few problems were mentioned here, I look for your input to share what problems are plaguing your construction company today!  We’ve found that many problems that owners face can be solved using a solid, proven construction management software.

About MaxCon Construction Software…

MaxCon Construction Software provides the single or multiple office construction company a next generation system to move from paper based operations to a single centralized process to improve profits.  MaxCon is tailored to the specialty contractor such as roofing.